Green Tea Wash for all skin types contains antioxidant extracts leaving skin feeling refreshed and clean, Mandelic Acid Wash contains Mandelic Acid to reduce hyperpigmentation and is anti-bacterial for acne prone, acne, hyperpigmented and all skin types. Clarifying Granule Wash contains Benzoyl Peroxide with granules to reduce oiliness and exfoliate. For acne prone skin.

Choose a toner based on your skin type and skin needs. Clarifying Toner is for all skin types , Refining Toner is for skin tolerant to Clarifying Toner, Mattifying Toner for all skin types including Rosacae(non-glycolic toner), Mandelic Acid 4% designed for Normal to dry skins and Mandelic 10% for Oily.

LéQua Moisturizer for pm use for drier skins and neck. Hydro Moisturizer is for Oily skins. Great hydrating boost moisturizer for all skin types & neck.

Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 30+ provides a physical block and total sunscreen protection.

For all skin types. A Stem Factor increases cell proliferation, stimulates skin cell regeneration, improves cell quality plus DNA Repair.

Mandelic Acid 16% serum, Mandelic Acid 4% and 10% Toners contain Mandelic Acid which is made from bitter almonds, lifts hyperpigmenatation, exfoliates dead skin cells, improves skin texture, flushes out impacted pores, and is effective in combating signs of aging.

A system Clarifying Granuale Wash, Refining Toner or Mandelic Acid Toner 10%, ProVitalize™I, II, or III, and Clarifying Cream 10% BP, Hydro Moisturizer and GA 7% or GA 14% PADS 2 to 3 times per week.

Yes, GA 7%, GA 14% 2 to 3 times per week will exfoliate skin by dissolve the intercellular “glue” between cells, keeping the pores from clogging. This process with your skin regimen will keep pores minimized.

Algae Masque is designed to clean impurities, balance skin and remove dry, flakey skin.

Yes! Rénui Exfoliating Scrub (all skin types), Clarifying Granule Wash (Oily skin types) use on daily basis removes excess dry skin. Smooths skin and gives skin a luminous look.

NOW! Start at the age of 16 yrs of age is the best time to keep the thin skin soft and moisturized. Voilà Eye Cream or Bonjour Eye Cream.

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