Free shipping on retail orders over $75 within the US
Free shipping on retail orders over $75 within the US


Free shipping on retail orders over $75 within the US
Free shipping on retail orders over $75 within the US

Lélexo’s quest for clear skin

Miami, Florida, March, 12, 2013 – Acne may not only leave physical scars, but it can leave emotional and psychological scars as well. As the age of onset for the acne condition keeps getting younger and younger, it’s important to set a foundation for good skin care habits for pre-teens and teens. The younger they learn on why’s and how, the better chances they have to control and fight acne, during their adolescent stage in life.

According to studies, 8 out of 10 teens will develop some type of acne. Girls will experience the onset of acne at an earlier age; however boys will suffer from a higher degree of acne due to their hormonal spikes.

Lélexo’s Clarifying acne line contains Benzoyl Peroxide that targets acne at the root of the cause. In addition to the key ingredients Lélexo uses to target various skin conditions; the entire line is paraben free formulated taking Lélexo to the next level of skin care technology.

Lélexo’s Mandelic Acid line not only is anti-bacterial but it assists with hyperpigmentation remnant from the acne condition.  Using both lines in combination, not only targets and defeats the source of acne but it also will minimize possible scarring and discoloration.

From the Clarifying line to the Mandelic Acid line, Lélexo offers customizable options to combat acne effectively for anyone of any age, skin tone and skin condition. Therefore, allowing pre-teens and teens with better chances of developing positive emotional and psychological growth. Pre-teens and teens should worry about prom dresses and what type of car they want and let Lélexo treat their skin.

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