The Apple Stem Cell is a cutting edge smart ingredient taking the cosmeceutical industry by storm. As the skin ages, cellular tumover is significantly reduced and functions less efficiently. Studies have shown that Apple Stem Cells have special properties that stimulate cellular reproduction, rejuvenating the skin to a youthful and radiant appearance.

The body produces two different types of cells) Specialized cells (differentiated cells) are programmed and have a specific function to perform, like skin cell, liver cells etc. In addition to these cells, the body also creates unspecialized cells (blank stem cells) that can be formatted to the body’s need. Unspecialized cells have the ability to replenish themselves and can produce specialized cells.
There are two basic kinds of stem cells: embryonic and adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells have the ability to specialize themselves into any of the 220 different cell types found in the body. Adult stem cells can only specialize themselves into the specific type of cell located in the tissue where it is found. These cells mainly perform maintenance and repair.

Currently, adult stem cells are used in transplant medicine to treat conditions like leukemia and severe bums. The skin consists of epithelial stem cells that regenerate tissue damaged from injury. It also replenishes and maintains the balance of cells, however as the skin ages the ability to repair is slows down and the signs of aging begin to appear. Plant stem cells, like the apple stem cell are totipotent, which have the ability to regenerate new organs like leaves, flowers, seeds and even a whole plant.

The use of apple stem cells in Lelexo skin care products maximizes results and when used in combination with other smart ingredients; the outcome is spectacular.

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