Our Story

Lélexo is committed to providing home care and professional solutions for healthy skin. Founded by our team of passionate and highly educated individuals, we are more than just dermatologists, nurses, chemists and aestheticians; like you we have the same skin conditions.

We develop ground-breaking formulas that go beyond the standards of the industry and our combination of science and nature both correct skin conditions and prevent further damage. Built on integrity and operational excellence, Lélexo consistently produces superior products and customer satisfaction. We strive to maintain our leadership performance in the aesthetic industry.

Our Commitment

As fellow skin care advocates, we know what it is to have a wrinkle or a blemish. Lélexo makes it possible for individuals to treat and maintain their skin right at home. Because of our special clinical formulas, Lélexo is exclusively available through physicians, medical spas and other skin care professionals. Please submit your information, in order to find a Lélexo professional near you.

What we bring to your aesthetic table and medical spa

We are proud and confident to deliver professional and effective skin care products for your clients and professional treatments. We have learned by working in the “real aesthetic world” that with our top quality and high performance products; success is attainable.
From the aesthetic room to your home, Lélexo brings you the results and A Pure Approach to Glowing Skin.

Lélexo® is sold exclusively to selected skincare professionals. Copyright 2018 Lélexo®. All rights reserved